Call your new construction electrical contractor in South Salt Lake, UT and Meridian & Boise, ID

Call your new construction electrical contractor in South Salt Lake, UT and Meridian & Boise, ID

RME is a trusted leader in electrical construction services. Since 1978, we've been working on commercial, industrial and residential builds. We've also designed and installed electrical systems in government buildings, medical buildings, laboratories and other facilities.

You can trust our electricians to use advanced technologies, specialized equipment and other resources to implement a functional, robust electrical system. If you're searching for reliable new construction electricians in Meridian, ID and the Boise area, or South Salt Lake, UT, you've found the right crew. Get started today by calling (208) 853-2968 (Idaho) or (801) 562-5317 (Utah).

Learn about the three areas of our new construction services

1. Design/build: Our engineers, lighting designers, project managers and support staff work together to create quality designs for your project. We can complete CADD designs, manage your installation and offer support from the start.

2. Remodeling projects: If you're embarking on a remodel, count on us to handle the electrical aspects. We'll provide you with a useful and functional electrical system.

3. Integrated and pre-construction services: Overall project success relies heavily on decisions made in the early stages of the project. RME's approach is to manage value by identifying and eliminating unnecessary costs while ensuring quality and requirements are met or exceeded. RME has been in the electrical construction game for over 30 years and utilizes the most relevant and advanced technologies, tools, strategies and processes to help lead to a much smoother more successful project. RME offers its clients a number of value-added pre-construction and integrated services including:

  • Value engineering
  • Cost control
  • Existing conditions analysis
  • Scope identification
  • Budgeting
  • Constructability analysis
  • Material procurement
  • Scheduling

For your new construction electrical project, call our team at (208) 853-2968 (Idaho) or (801) 562-5317 (Utah). We serve areas around South Salt Lake, UT and Meridian, ID.