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Keeping Up with the Typical Household

Homes today consume more power than ever before. Especially if your home is older, you may think it’s not possible to get more power flowing, but the pros at Rocky Mountain Electric can help you safely and effectively find a solution to your electrical needs.

Modern homes can handle the modern power load, but at times, you may need to add power to install electrical fixtures, receptacles, switches, dedicated circuits, or to run electrical equipment in your home, office, garage, or shed.

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Rocky Mountain Electric Professional Electrical System Upgrades

RME’s certified electricians will verify that your panel meets the requirements for adding more power. If a panel upgrade or a subpanel is necessary, we can do that, too! Call us at Rocky Mountain Electric to take care of your power needs today!

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Electrical Power Installation

Things to consider for adding power to your home:

  • If your home is more than 30 years old, chances are it can’t handle the power usage of the modern family. If you’re considering adding and air conditioner or other large appliance, it might be time to upgrade to keep up with your electrical needs.
  • If you frequently deal with tripped circuit breakers in your home, or if there are noises, or obvious signs of wear and tear coming from your circuit box, it might be time to upgrade. Replacing your current breaker box with a larger one will give the power increase you want.
  • If your future plans include a home remodel, expansion, or investing in large appliances, you’ll probably need to upgrade your home’s electrical system. It’s important to talk to the pros at Rocky Mountain Electric to alleviate your power shortage safely.