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In case of a power outage, how long could your home go without electricity? Especially in extreme heat of summer, or freezing cold of winter? No heat, no air conditioning, no lights, and your food refrigeration and home security systems would be compromised. Most of us have only had to deal with that for a few hours or days. But it’s happening more often that, due to storms or other circumstances, people have had to go more than a week without power in their homes!

Uninterrupted Emergency Power for Your Home

Losing power is not only inconvenient, it can be a danger to your family’s health, home, and safety. In the case of a power outage, an automatic backup generator can seamlessly keep your home’s electricity flowing, whether you’re home or not. If utility power is restored, your backup generator will automatically switch back and shut off.

Usually, a standby generator is installed outdoors, like your home’s AC unit, so there’s no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. It operates on liquid propane or natural gas, whichever is your home’s existing fuel source.

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Rocky Mountain Electric Generator Services

With storms, heat waves, and other power disruptors that can happen at any moment, don’t wait until you need it to have a generator installed. Call Rocky Mountain Electric to install a backup generator for your home for emergency power, when you need it.

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Backup Generators Installation

A whole house back-up generator can provide:

  • Whole-home power without interruption
  • Automatic transfer when power goes off and is returned
  • Generator is outside, runs on your home’s fuel supply
  • Works whether you’re home or away

Call Rocky Mountain Electric about a backup generator for your home today!