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Exhaust fans are pretty necessary for rooms that tend to get higher moisture levels, like the bathroom and the laundry room. These exhaust fans are extremely functional, but there is also a variety of decorative exhaust fans that can cover your room size and needs, quietly and efficiently, while offering styles and features to suit your taste.

How an Exhaust Vent Fan Works

When you turn on your bathroom or laundry room’s exhaust fan, air is sucked out of the room through a vent duct that leads to the roof, or to an exit vent on the outside of your home. Some available exhaust fan features include a timer, and humidity sensors that kick on automatically when your bathroom’s moisture levels cross a certain threshold.

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Bathroom Exhaust Fans

It’s important to use your bathroom exhaust fan every time you create moisture through a shower, bath, or otherwise. The fan will help remove excess moisture, stale air, and odors, making it more difficult for mold, mildew, and bacteria to thrive.

When you take a hot and steamy shower, without proper ventilation, that steam can cause your bathroom’s paint and wallpaper to peel, leading to structural damage through wood rot, along with giving microorganisms a place to grow and possibly triggering allergies or respiratory illness

Laundry Room Exhaust Fans

An exhaust fan is important to have in your laundry room for several reasons, including helping to control moisture levels, prevent mildew and lint fires, keep your home cooler, and help keep your family healthy.

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