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The Heart of it All

Your home’s circuit breaker panel (also known as a breaker box, electrical panel, or fuse box) is what distributes power from outside your home to your lights, HVAC, outlets, home appliances, and anywhere else power is needed.

If your home’s breaker panel is working correctly, you may not even think about how everything is powered. However, when power fails to properly flow through your circuit breaker panel, you may face the inconvenience of tripped breakers, insufficient power supply, or even safety hazards.

What to Watch For

Breaker panel issues can include (but aren’t limited to) breakers consistently tripping, burning smells near the panel, scorch marks or melted wiring in or near the panel or outlets, flickering or dimming lights, or just not enough amps to power your electrical needs.

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Rocky Mountain Electric Circuit Breaker Panel Services

Whether you need a new circuit breaker, a completely new breaker panel, or just a safety evaluation, call the experts at Rocky Mountain Electric today!


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Circuit Breaker Safety Tips

Some safety tips when it comes to electrical repairs:

  • Be cautious when working with electricity
  • Never try to repair electrical equipment or electrical cords unless qualifies
  • If equipment has gotten wet, have an electrician inspect it before putting power to it.

When to Call a Professional

If you have a breaker that keeps tripping, a qualified electrician can test for ground faults and overloaded or short circuits, and fix them safely. The pros at RME can also service your circuit breaker panel and replace any aged, damaged, or undersized breakers.

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